The following poems are Odes to the Pantheon. It’s an ongoing project with a group of amazing people that have taken the Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Greek Pantheon and with plenty of talent and sass have dragged them to the modern age. Following the Odes I wrote, I will post a link to the project for anyone wanting more information.

Ode 1: Ode to Hekate – Goddess of Magic

Ode 2: Ode to Selene – Titaness of the Moon

Ode 3: Ode to Hera – Queen of Gods

Ode 4: Ode to Nike – Goddess of Victory

Ode 5: Ode to Eris – God/dess of Chaos, Discord and Strife

Ode 6: Ode to Persephone – Goddess of Spring

To read more about the “In the Pantheon” project, click here.

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