Ode to Selene

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Ode to Selene – Titaness of the Moon

Time for most is usually of the essence
Keeps us running to and fro all day long
Hurrying, scurrying, and taking our chances
Our talks, yells and whispers rising like a song

But then the day leaves and slowly night falls
And the moon is visible yet again up in the sky
For a Night Child like me, it’s when life calls
It fills me with energy as if I will never die

That energy that summons me comes from Selene
Her warm glow falls upon me like a tight embrace
Her strength fills me, keeping me serene
When I look up I feel her kiss upon my face

Selene’s power always runs silent but deep
Like the tides of the seas that she commands
Children sing to her before their sleep
Her light, a boon throughout all the lands

So yes the day is short, hectic and fast
And night is long, soft and passes slow
Selene’s caress on me will forever last
I will forever be happy, lost in her glow

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