Welcome to the Jhiieri Project.

This page was created in order to keep all my artistic projects in one place. The person behind Jhiieri is a father, a worker, a junior writer, a gamer, a role player, a music lover, an amateur chef, and an all around nerd.

This is where I have chosen to hang my many hats. So come on in and take a peek. Explore the worlds I live in through my mind’s eye and my many moods. Let Imagination Live in all of us.


My part of the newest anthology of In The Pantheon is now available in electronic media and the paperback will be available soon!

For more information and availability to buy click here.

Latest from the Project…

  • Wrote and posted a Flash Fiction story under Projects Page
  • Wrote and posted more Daily Journal entries
  • Wrote and posted Ode to Persephone
  • Separated Daily Journal into monthly blocks of 30 Daily posts each
  • Added more Daily Posts
  • Finished Daily Journal project
  • Edited About page
  • Added a Contests section and added more content on the Project section

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