Writing Contests

This section lists the writing contests I have entered since I started writing again. Regardless of reward and placement, I enjoy entering such contests. They are a great way to affirm to yourself that you belong, and at times, they help you create things outside of your comfort zone. Even if the stress feeds my anxiety, I still see that as a positive since it helps me push through as a writer.

Than’s Strange Flash Fiction – Yo ho, ho! A Pirate’s Death For Me – This contest required a piece of fiction, under 1000 words that needed to have a twist ending in a Twilight Zone style. My piece received honorary mention and was read live.

Hades’ Royal Writing Contest – The Toy – This contests required a poem or prose about that fascinates us or something that we love. My poem received 3rd place and was read live.

Bag Of Bones Writing Contest – To See Or Not To See – This was submitted as a short horror story. The story had to be told in 206 words. One word for every bone in the human body.

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