About the Site

This project has been in the making for pretty much all my life. Every time I read something that sparked my imagination, that became another building block of this project. Life is full of such moments, and just like life, some fade with time, and some you keep with you forever. Some people would call this a scrapbook of some kind and they wouldn’t be wrong. It is a way of looking back to what was, and what brought you to where you are, along with a preview of what is to come.

So let us address what brought me here…

My earliest memory of doing something artistic and being recognized was in fifth grade.

There was an essay contest for a national holiday through school, and we all had to write about the holiday and what it meant to us. I’ll be honest and say that I do not remember much of the content of that essay, but I remember three things about that event in my life. I remember that I wrote the essay at home in one sitting and the writing came easy to me, I remember that I won first prize which was totally unexpected, and I remember that my teacher gave the money to my mom, which she kept.

My artistic side became more evident in early high school

There are three major things that impacted my artistic side in my early years in high school. The first was 9th grade English where I had to make my own poetry book and even though it was a lot of work, I loved the results. It brought something out of me I didn’t know I had, which led to the second thing. My passion for poetry and writing. I wrote a lot of poems and short stories during my first year in high school, but I was to shy to share them, and most of that work has been lost through the years. The third thing was the discovery of role-playing games such as D&D. I know some of you will laugh at that, but RPGs are an amazing tool to unlock the imagination for someone like me.

I decided to call this The Jhiieri Project because he’s been a part of me for almost all my life.

Jhiieri is a Drow Elf that was born at pretty much the same time the MMORPGT gaming genre was born in the early 90s during the era of the original Gold Box AD&D version of Neverwinter Nights. Born Jhi’ieri Anton’tal, started off as a spiced wine maker, to a potion maker, a fledgling magician, to Qu’ellar Faeruk (House Wizard), and ultimately, House Patron. Ilharn d’ Rilynt’tar. All that might mean nothing to you, but to people that roleplay, it means a lot of hours of work honing my skills.

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