Bag Of Bones 206 Word Story

This was submitted for the Bag of Bones 206 short horror story contest. One word for every bone in the human body

To See Or Not To See

Groaning, he woke to the sound of scraping, tried to open his eyes, but couldn’t. The metallic smell of blood permeated the air, and its sweetness was evident on his tastebuds. He tried to rub his eyes, and they felt caked over by something sticky. It was not hard to guess what that was.

Last thing he remembered was stopping to help a stranded lady with a flat tire. She was so tiny, he doubted she would get one of those bolts loose on her own. When he stopped, she smiled sweetly and thanked him a dozen times a minute. Bending down to undo the lug nuts, he was hit by lightning. Then everything went black.

His legs tingled, and the constant scraping made his heart flutter. He clawed at his eyes with both hands. He had to see where he was! He had to escape! Finally, the dried blood gave way and he opened one eye. His gaze immediately fell to his leg, flayed of all flesh, and the bone split open. The young woman was scraping his tibia with a spoon.

Then, she looked up and smiled sweetly again, “Bone marrow soup.”

He shut his eye tight.  He didn’t want to see any more.

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