Ode to Hera

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Ode to Hera – Queen of the Gods

There’s many currencies from many kingdoms in this land
Coins of bronze, iron, silver and even some of gold
Such silly baubles for the Goddess Hera are just bland
For her, currency is mesured as it was in times of old

One currency is Might, not just strength or good skill
Strength and skill might best an enemy or beast
When you are the Mighty Hera, even a look could kill
And her foolish enemy’s terror feels like a feast

Another currency is Pain, constant and at times sweet
Pain is a curious gem and can be found in many places
The pain of childbirth as you tickle your baby’s feet
And of battlewounds as you scream at your enemy’s faces

The final coin is Love, and it’s the hardest one to earn
To gain Hera’s love is very special, and a true blessing
Not being in Her favor is the coldest lesson you will learn
And in this Ode to Hera, my coin, my love I’m confessing

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