Ode to Eris

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Ode to Eris – God/dess of Chaos, Discord and Strife

This one is not a simple story to just be told
you have to whisper sometimes to be heard
even in a bazaar full of people it is stil palpable
Yet I want to SCREAM SCREAM SCREAM for everyone near…
Eris is here

You wish for structure and something to hold on to
What a foolish notion
Don’t you realize that there’s no such claim to be made
in this hunk of meat you are trapped in for a lifetime and over and over?
The only thing you can bet on if you could bet on is…
Chaos and CHAOS and more and more chaos

A pebble from a slingshot, twisting and turning in the air
A teardrop falling down the cheek.
You think order runs your life because you try and try and try
to push order everywhere you can
But Eris is chaos, and chaos is Eris… and all that work?
That’s a commercial break. That’s just the halftime show

Chaos reigns…
Eris feeds…

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