Ode to Persephone

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Ode to Persephone – Goddess of Spring

If you look to tales of old resurrection is manmade
Be it overnight, in three days time, or even longer
An awesome feat that time itself will never fade
Some call it Miracle and their faith grows stronger

Yet what of the the beautiful Κόρη of the Spring
Resurrecting the whole world, year after year?
The many faithful to Persephone will always sing
To the whole planet, Η Κόρη is held very dear

Persephone’s touch is a gift that reaches us all
Living beings are blessed, plant and animal alike
Her power is present until the very end of Fall
Until winter, when the earth sleeps again like a tyke

The power of life renewed from the Queen of the below
For she rules over both life’s warmth and death’s cold
After all, you need darkness for the light to glow
And that is why this Ode to Κόρη demanded to be told

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