Daily Journal

This was my first major project when it came to getting back into writing as something more than a once in a while thing. This came to me as a divine suggestion, of sorts. I wanted to know how I would progress from the stagnancy I was in, and the answers were laid before me. I let all that information that was given to me mull over in my head for two days. On the third day I started this Daily Journal.

As a first attempt back into writing, I wanted to keep the format light and simple. A few paragraphs describing my day as a whole or a specific part of my day and how it impacted me. I followed that with some kind of aesthetic that related to the topic at hand. I decided to not go into the many things that are dragging down the human race as a whole because I don’t think that was the point of this exercise.

Also, I guess this is as good a place as any to make the disclaimer that those are not my creations but images found on the internet, and I do not claim ownership of them.

When I started the project, I had no idea how long I would keep it. The idea was to get back into writing daily, so my initial thought was to write for a month. It takes three weeks for someone to form or break a habit after all, so I figured thirty days would be plenty. Three months and over 16000 words later, and I decided to finally end it. It was time to move on to bigger and better things.

So there you have it. I decided to split the daily journal entries into separate pages of thirty journal entries each. This will help give people easier access to the journal since they will not have to keep scrolling down. Also, I decided to keep every journal “month” at an even 30 entries for the same reason.

Month 1: Journal Entries 1 to 30

Month 2: Journal Entries 31 to 60

Month 3: Journal Entries 61 to 90

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