Month One

I decided to split my daily journal entries into separate pages of thirty journal entries each. This will help give people easier access to the journal since they will not have to keep scrolling down. Also, I decided to keep every journal “month” at an even 30 entries for the same reason.

Day 1: Bittersweet Returns

Day 2: Blessed Be

Day 3: Challenges

Day 4: Recovery

Day 5: Much Needed Rest

Day 6: Work and Celebrate

Day 7: Indivisible

Day 8: Intensity

Day 9: Απομόνοση

Day 10: Promises Kept

Day 11: Rest

Day 12: Expansion

Day 13: The Grind

Day 14: Headway

Day 15: Lesson and Inspiration

Day 16: Intensity and deflation

Day 17: When Atë did not Ruin

Day 18: Low Batteries

Day 19: Lessons Learned

Day 20: Chaos can be Sweet

Day 21: Newest Additions

Day 22: Feed me Music

Day 23: Tug o’ war Fun

Day 24: Competition and Completion

Day 25: Celebration

Day 26: On the Edge

Day 27: Company

Day 28: Dare to Dream

Day 29: Empty and Alone

Day 30: Losing it

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