Month Three

I decided to split my daily journal entries into separate pages of thirty journal entries each. This will help give people easier access to the journal since they will not have to keep scrolling down. Also, I decided to keep every journal “month” at an even 30 entries for the same reason.

Day 61: Now to Move Ahead

Day 62: Choosing Faces

Day 63: Exploring the Past

Day 64: A Different Another kind of Exploring

Day 65: Progressing

Day 66: An Unforeseen Break

Day 67: It Really Dropped

Day 68: To be Heard

Day 69: I am Listening

Day 70: Super Uber Powers

Day 71: Finally Some Rest

Day 72: The Dreams of Others

Day 73: To Call Around the World

Day 74: Getting a Cat to Bark

Day 75: Family Laughs

Day 76: Love and Fear

Day 77: So Very Close

Day 78: Unchained

Day 79: Favorites

Day 80: Temporary Switch Off

Day 81: Not Just Voices In My Head

Day 82: Quotes and Answers

Day 83: Bored?  Board

Day 84: A Quick Test Drive

Day 85: Two Different Drops

Day 86: And an Even Bigger Drop

Day 87: Release

Day 88: Quicksand Kind of Day

Day 89: Slight Recovery

Day 90: The Bitter End

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