Month Two

I decided to split my daily journal entries into separate pages of thirty journal entries each. This will help give people easier access to the journal since they will not have to keep scrolling down. Also, I decided to keep every journal “month” at an even 30 entries for the same reason.

Day 31: Break Through

Day 32: Read me and for me

Day 33: Return to Roots

Day 34: Spring to Action

Day 35: Shenanigans

Day 36: The Music in me

Day 37: Investment or Support

Day 38: The Big Talk

Day 39: Reverberations

Day 40: Looking Back

Day 41: Nervous Energy

Day 42: Waiting Brings Anxiety

Day 43: Silence Sans Mom

Day 44: When Waiting Kills

Day 45: Utter Low to Utter High

Day 46: Anniversary… again

Day 47: Pride and Joy

Day 48: Preparation

Day 49: Down Time

Day 50: Nervous Energy

Day 51: It has Truly Begun

Day 52: Arrival

Day 53: Old Pains All Over Again

Day 54: Taking it all in

Day 55: The Questions Were Answered

Day 56: When it Drops, it Drops

Day 57: Catching Up

Day 58: When it Becomes a Chore

Day 59: Putting in the Work

Day 60: Finally Caught Up

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