Day 34

Spring to Action

Today has always been associated as a day that earth returns to Spring, full of blooming flowers, music and a celebration about renewal.  I don’t know why I remembered that.  With the way things have been going lately, and the isolation I’ve volunteered myself to be in, I don’t really keep track of what day is what.  I did remember today, though and my mind reached out to me to let me know what I will be doing today.

It may sound hokey I know, but it is not meant to be in this occasion.  Sometimes you sit and think up of something to do, and something the idea comes to you without even realizing it.  That is true inspiration, after all.  Isn’t that why people thought that some of those ideas were planted in us from other divine beings?  Who am I to turn my back on such an occasion?  I sat down, set to work, and the new Ode was born.        

This refers to the new Ode to Persephone Goddess of Spring and it can be found here.

Return back to Month Two here.

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