Day 60

Finally Caught Up

I know, I know, I know.  What could be so important that I am adding a third post about this, you ask?  Well, here is the reason I am dedicating this post to being caught up.  For some reason, catching up has been the theme of the day ALL day.  For some reason, I have been catching up on multiple fronts without so much as planning to do it.  For some weird reason, this day was chosen to be a hub of catching up.

I caught up with projects, I caught up with family and friends with no planning at all.   Online friends as well as friends that live far away that I had not talked to in a while.  It was good catching up with them and it always astounds me how when we act like not a day has gone by since the last time we talked… even though we haven’t talked in weeks.  I even got a bit of gaming in, and it let me to catching up to a major story arc.      



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