Day 57

Catching Up

I was pleasantly surprised today when a gaming buddy and dear friend I had not talked to in a while and it felt nice to catch up.  It felt good to catch up, even for a little bit.  Touching base in this world that when everyone is supposed to be isolated, was pretty awesome.  Unfortunately, the “visit” was cut short because of prior engagements, but we have made plans to catch up again, sooner than later, and maybe even get some games together.  

There are too many people that always expect you to reach out to them first and they act like great friends.  If you do not make the effort though, you will not hear from them.  I never understood that, and it does bother me a bit.  I am the type that will reach out and keep in touch, but after a while it gets annoying.  Because of that, I am always very happy when someone takes the time to reach out.  As it should be.     


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