Day 55

The Questions Were Answered

I do not mean for the title to be misleading, so if you think it pertains to some major cosmic questions about the meaning of life, you are wrong.  The title just has to do with a standard quiz like the many you take in school.  It was important to me though… important enough to mention here.  The project is going well and now everyone is ahead of the curve and that is excellent news. 

I am one of those students that if I am not being pushed, I get bored and start losing interest.  Being ahead is one thing to combat that, but usually I am not allowed to get too far ahead, and it backfires on me.  Having everyone ahead helps a lot because I can look ahead and prepare even more, and that shows in my work.  I have more time to look, research, create and even elevate my work.  And that makes me happy.      


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