Day 53

Old Pains All Over Again

There are just so many times that you can put up with being talked down to or get yelled at before you choose to not take it anymore.  There is a line that keeps getting crossed over and over again.  In the past I used to not worry or care so much because I was…. well… stupid.  No more of that, though.  I do not feel the reason or need to put up with it anymore.  Not with anyone else.  A lesson I learned mayhap too late.

This is getting old, really.  I’m running out of ways to count this…. whatever this is.  A fight, a tiff, a threat, an attack, a distraction.  My patience has run its course and is running on empty.  A part of me wants to just walk away, but I have to think of others now.  But this will not last much longer and I cannot wait for that day.  It will be an adjustment for sure, but it will also be true progress for a change.  I will finally be unstuck.           


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