Day 52


The book is here, and it is the coolest thing I’ve seen!  Call me old-fashioned, but there is nothing like the feel of paper dancing across your fingertips.  I read e-books and whatnot, but given a choice, I will take paper.  There is certain magic to that.  I am fully behind the statement that reading a book unlocks your imagination because that is exactly what it does for me.  That is the main reason why movie adaptations of books are most likely never as good as the book itself.  The book helps you build that world in your mind and each mind works differently.

Sooooo…. It should not be a surprise that when I found out that my dear friend’s book can be bought on paperback, I jumped at it and bought a copy.  It’s sitting next to my couch right now and I am trying very hard to let a few days go by without taking it in my hands and reading it.  Better to be safe about it though and give it a few days to… marinate.  I am very amped though because I read the first chapter in the Kindle and loved it!       


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