Day 51

It has Truly Begun

Wow, wow, wow!  I was excited for what was to come, and my trepidation was well warranted, but in the end, everything worked for the best.  It was an amazing feeling to be had.  The nerves were there as expected, but it was a healthy dose that kept me sharp and on track.  Everything felt natural and after a few minutes of initial growing pains.  Everything is new and everything is tested on the spot and I am enjoying that. 

Being prepared helped a lot also.  Everything was clicking for me and there was no confusion.  Sure, there were some bumps along the road like I said earlier.  The system is new and there will be growing pains, sure.  I enjoyed everything immensely and was on top of things and my preparedness showed.  If fact, I almost went a bit too far on some things.  There was nothing detrimental, but in trying to get a head start I pushed a bit too much.    


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