Day 48


So today has been a very surreal day.  I started preparing for what’s to come, and it felt like an out of body experience.  I have always been the type of person to come prepared.  Especially since I learned that lesson early on in life when I showed up unprepared and felt so embarrassed about it.  I walked into my first job interview without a resume.  I had not even filled in an application.  It is a minor miracle that I got the job after all.

Preparing for this is a bit weird because I both do and do not know what to expect.  I know that sounds a bit silly, but it makes sense to me.  There is a lot of things I know, but there are a lot of things that are behind the scenes that I’m not privy to.  There are only a few things I can do right now, but I will do the best I can to be as prepared as I can.  This all means a lot to me and I will do the best I can.  It will be a long process.  It is a process that been put in place for good reasons, but it will be a little bit like torture to get through the time it will take for the shackles of being new will be removed.      

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