Day 47

Pride and Joy

I know it’s not a first for this person, but it’s a first for me knowing them, so I am making a big deal out of it.  One of my dearest friends got published today!  I am beaming with joy and pride over this one because I saw the end process.  I saw the writing happening and even though there was no detailed feedback, I was there when the typing happened, and I feel like a proud daddy.

Some will say that it makes no sense to sit there and put someone else’s accolade in your daily journal, and that it is a bit cheesy to do that.  There is a very good reason for that besides the obvious that I stated above.  I am at the beginning of my journey, and I got a little bit of an inside view at where I want to be.  It sounds a bit crazy, but it’ll help me push forward without effort.  Just looking at the process sometimes gives you a better handle of where you are in contrast to where you want to be and what it will take to get there.        

If you’re interested in learning more about the book, click here.

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