Day 45

Utter Low to Utter High

This entry will be really jumbled, so be forewarned.  Today marks an anniversary that is no more and has not been for a while now.  I’m soooo happy!  That book has already been closed, but it was a book that bespoke of almost half my life.  But I got it, and I am ecstatic!  In a way, that will never go away and in all honesty, I don’t want it to, no matter how depressing things can get.  It’s a reminder of things that are important to me… mistakes made that I do not want to forget and let repeat.

Old sayings can be very cliché, but they are there because they happen.  The good ol’ “One door closes, and another door opens”, for example.  It’s fitting that I had “another door” open on the same day one closed.  But I got it and he chose me!  I know it took a good five years for the second door to open, but better late, than never.  And if you did not expect me to defend a cliché with another cliché, you haven’t been paying attention.  

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