Day 41

Nervous Energy

Today was supposed to be the day where I find out if I will be propelled forward or be left behind.  I was confident in my skills and I knew I would be able to respond and excel to the challenge, but after the talk, the nerves came back.  That was expected really, and I tried very hard to not let the wait overwhelm me.  It was not an easy thing to do, but I had just enough strength to more or less succeeded in doing just that.

In the end, I never got any of the news I was expecting.  It did not feel good, but I did not let it sink me either.  Things happen and it is what it is, and patience is a virtue and all that jazz.  But no matter how many times I thought one or the other of those things one says to themselves, the sickening feeling was still there and would remain there until there would be a resolution, whether positive or negative.  Time will tell, but it better tell quick!     

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