Day 39


Today was one of these weird days where my attention is spread between twelve different things and there is not much time to sit and reflect.  And on this day and knowing of the days that are coming soon, that is a blessing.  Tomorrow will be one of those “heavy” days there are a few more to come.  I can feel it draining me as I write, so it’s good that I didn’t feel that way until the end of the day and not during.

Keeping busy has not given me time to process yesterday’s happenings either.  That is good and bad.  Hopefully, that will give me something positive to take as ammunition for the days to come.  That might just save me from spiraling too far out and keep me level.  Notice that I said nothing about it keeping me sane, since I am pretty sure that that ship has already sailed.  I don’t mind a bit of crazy though.  It keeps people on their toes.       

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