Day 36

The Music in me

For those that are following this journal closely, this post will resemble a lot of the sentiment that I’ve talked about in Day 22, so I figured I’d mention it ahead of time instead of having you jumping from link to link looking for it.  I can’t help it, really.  I have to talk about the things I am passionate about and music and DJing is one of those things.  No matter what state I’m in, listening to music always helps me.

Today I DJed again and the feeling was… very soothing to me.  Even though I have been meaning to do so more often, I kept pushing it back for one reason or another, so I was very excited to finally get to it.  In the end I was even more excited to have a few new listeners and a handful more requests.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it.  It was exactly what I needed without knowing it, because I later realized that something happened that could have dragged me down, but the music saved me and that is invaluable.    

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