Day 35


For those that know me, it will come to no surprise to them when I admit to me being a bit of a troublemaker.  I can definitely hear the snickers and I can see the eyes rolling, and I’m fine with that, because both of those will be followed by smiles.  It’s not just something I hope for when it comes to people that are just getting to know me, but it is an expectation from the people that know me well enough to be part of my shenanigans. 

Now imagine how… dangerous it can get when I find a kindred spirit that not only can hold on their own in the shenanigans I start up, but can reach out with their own out of the blue…  or should I say red?  Or better yet, purple.  And do not worry if you don’t “get it”.  That’s expected, actually since only a handful of people are supposed to.  And I’m pretty sure the ones that do get it will either snicker or roll their eyes when they read that part too.      

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