Day 33

Return to Roots

I always was a gamer, and even though I’m writing more, I am still a gamer and will stream my gaming sessions on Twitch when I can.  That is a part of me that I’m not willing to give up on and I hope to never have to.  Like every kind of life, even that of a gamer has its ups and downs and sometimes what you do is fun and sometimes you’re stuck and looking for way to get out of your routine and rekindle the fun.

As a gamer I was in a bit of a rut, and today I found a way to rekindle the fun.  I have been looking and trying out different games for a while lately, looking for something that will keep my attention for longer than a few hours.  It not only involves lots of adventure and questing, but it takes me back in time to the era of my distant forefathers and that is a pretty amazing feeling.  It’s like going back in time to a place you already know.      

Return back to Month Two here.

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