Day 90

The Bitter End

This is definitely not the ending to this daily journal project I had envisioned.  I was hoping for more of a good, sweet ending to this.  Not one of those fairy tale endings where everyone lived happily ever after, because that would be just silly.  This is real life we are talking about after all.  But I was hoping for something less bitter.  And leave it up to real life to slap you in the face for wanting something good for a change.  Fuck that.  How fitting, isn’t it?  C’est la vie…

I woke up in a relatively decent mood, all things considered, to a message that killed me inside.  Whatever little hope I was holding out for a…  well… a happy ending, was dashed.  I guess I should have seen this coming.  Isn’t this how life really works, after all?  There you have it, then.  A bitter end inside a bittersweet end.  But it is time to move on in more ways than one.  The goal of this little project was achieved.  I am writing again, and I hope to never stop.  Even though I have kept things vague in here on purpose, I want to say a great big thank you to Melody for her guidance.  She gave me the kick in the pants I so needed. Without her, this would have never come to pass.  Thank you all for coming along to this impromptu journey with me, and I hope you enjoyed the ups and the downs.  Strength for slaying Death. 



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