Day 89

Slight Recovery

Today was a bit of a better day.  Sometimes it is true what they say about ignorance being bliss.  I know that some of you will say that in not dealing with the problem, I am not solving it.  In a way you are right, but also in a way you are wrong.  Dealing with something when you are hurt, mad, angry, disappointed, or whatever word you want to use is not an ideal thing to do.  Saying things, doing things in that state of mind can backfire.

Taking some time away can help bring clarity.  Analyzing the situation and looking for amicable ways to move forward is better than yelling in the heat of the moment and saying things you do not mean.  I always thought that was a better way to go about actually solving problems.   Settling down and letting cooler heads prevail.  I am feeling a bit better and I am working through things.  I am hopeful that with patience, things will get better.      



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