Day 88

Quicksand Kind of Day

The struggle for progress is very real today.   I am trying to move forward and finish something that I have started, and it is taking forever because I cannot concentrate on the few positives that are there.  My only reassurance is that the voice is still there, and it is still strong.  So, I will get there today.  No matter what.  I will push to my limits and do something positive today.  I will finish what I started, and hopefully that small victory will bring me back up from the abyss I have found myself wallowing in.

As far as everything else goes, I did what I said I would.  I am trying to take a step back and rebuild myself.  I am trying to support and stay involved as much as I can, no matter how difficult it has been for me.  I still care about the people and the project and even though I feel like I am being derailed, I will hand on as much as I can.  Hopefully, a small break will help me settle down, cool off and finally move forward.  I can only hope.         



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