Day 86

And an Even Bigger Drop

Even though I was expecting this to happen, my mood drops to the point where any decisions I try to make, it hits me like a hammer.  Of course, this is the day I have set aside to write, so how great is my timing?  I will try to push through, but my head is swimming and the words are swimming because of that.  Because of that I am not hearing the voice as well right now.  It is still present, but choppy like all my thoughts.  And this is making the writing take forever.  It could be worse though.

There was hope that the distraction of the holiday will help soften the blow, and there were a couple of brief respites in between all the madness.  In the end, even that backfired because the one person I expected to talk to, I did not get to talk to.  Even more to pile up on.  Leave it up to life to keep dumping on you until you struggle for breath.  I just don’t know anymore.  I will just keep pushing and hope for the best.           



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