Day 83

Bored?  Board

Believe it or not, there was a time that did not include gaming, surfing, googling, or talking to your friends online.  There was even a time where not every room or even every household had a television set.  In this era electronics have fused themselves to our daily lives and they are the main source for pretty much every past-time.  But there was a time when kids played with toy cars, and dolls and toy soldiers.  And there was a time where the adults played cards and board games.

I went back to those days today and made it a family game night.  Quick pause for a mini rant here.  Why are some board games so darn expensive?  I get that not every game can be $20, but still.  Also, I never thought some board games would be an investment until I saw how much my Hero Quest game goes for.  OK.  End of rant.  The night was a huge success.  There were laughs and there was mystery, and competition, and with some new games, confusion.  But it was so nice to take a step away from a screen for a while.  I recommend it Highly!     



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