Day 82

Quotes and Answers

Life does indeed have little surprises.  Tonight, was one of those little surprises.  I saw someone that looked to be in need of cheering up and I offered to help.  A simple gesture, and something that I do often, because I have been down with no one to talk to, and that is not fun.  So I reach out when I can.  And from out of nowhere, that small gesture blossomed into amazing fun.  And not just for me alone.

The best part of it all was that the little game just grew and grew because more people popped in and decided to stay.  They stayed and they chipped in and the fun grew.  And somewhere along the line, the whole thing kind of turned into an impromptu party.  It was great fun.  Even sleeping people wanted to play and compete.  There was booze, and things got heated in more ways than one.  There was intrigue and competition and believe it or not, cussing.  And not from where it was expected, either.  Amazing time!            



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