Day 80

Temporary Switch Off

Even though I took a short break from the project and got my gaming on with friends, today felt a bit too strained for me.  I felt the need to step away and take some time to recharge.  I stayed on top of some of the things that were needed, so the day was not a total loss. I got to play and talk and hang out for the biggest part of the day, though. 

I also read and watched a bit of TV.  My binge-watching times are over, because I have no time for it, but I can still get an episode in here and there, usually during a meal.  I used to watch a lot more TV in the past, but I would rather write than watch TV now.  And there is the rub as they say.  There is the switch that I was hoping for and that this project gifted me, on a personal and as a group setting.  I turned that off today too.       



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