Day 79


This was an amazing day for me, and not for the new and amazing reasons, but for the older amazing reasons.  I wanted a quick break in the new busy schedule that I have put myself in with the new project, the new voice, the writing, the learning…  so I popped in to play a few games just to recharge.  Before I knew it, I was surrounded by three of my best gaming friends and we were gaming and laughing and enjoying every second.

It was a pleasant surprise and I was very grateful for the company.  It felt right and it felt good and best of all, it felt like no time has passed between us.  That is a rare find, when you and a friend have not seen each other for a while but you are able to reconnect with them as if a day has not passed since you’ve spent time together.  I know with the new project my time is more limited, but I will try to pop in and game a bit more often.      



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