Day 78


The day I have been waiting for is finally here.  The hounds have been unleashed and I am dancing on the inside.  It took a bit longer than expected, and that was my fault, but to my defense, I did not get a notice, so I was elsewhere being someone else.  It did not take me long to get to where I needed to go eventually, and after a few more words, the doors opened to a whole to section previously unseen to me.

It was fitting that this final step was taken on my anniversary to this new and exciting project.  I have enjoyed every aspect of this even though I was on the outside looking in so to speak, so there is a lot of excitement to explore and get involved in.  I even had a bit of time to take the new voice for a quick ride, and the reaction was better than expected.  It looks like you can have a lot of fun without being the typical drunkard.  I was very excited by the reception and the reaction and it’s a big step toward to where I want to be.       



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