Day 75

Family Laughs

Times have been very difficult lately with everything that has been going on, and it is very easy to lose yourself in sadness, confusion, and anger.  Yes, I have not addressed this here because for the most part, I try to keep this journal as a personal thing.  That is also why I choose to keep things vague for the most part.  I want this journal to be a reflection to who I am and personal things that inspire me or hold me back.

So today was family day, and we had some unexpected laughs.  Those are my favorite kind.  The kind of laughs where you least expect them.  And even though those laughs came while watching a comedy on TV, they really were not expected.  In all honesty, I was expecting more groans and eye rolls than giggles and laughs.  It was surprising and it put me in a really really good mood.  So much so, that I went against my own rules to make the feeling last a little bit longer.  No one would ever want to have those giggles end.    



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