Day 74

Getting a Cat to Bark

Some people just don’t get it.  It is easy to sit there and analyze and theorize and estimate and ruminate over the situation someone has found themselves in.  All that is easy to do, yes… but not so easy to hit the right mark and make such comments helpful.  There are just too many unknown factors sometimes and they can keep you from making a valid suggestion.  Some people not only do not bother to ask the right questions, they do not bother asking questions at all.  They just jump in and say what they want. Giving advice is not difficult. 

Giving the right advice, however, takes time, dedication, thought, and asking the right questions.  You also need to know the person you are trying to help.  Going contrary to someone’s personality traits is not going to help matters.  If you do not know the person well enough and how their personality is, how can you tell them how to act or react?  You might as well try to get a bat to bark.      



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