Day 73

To Call Around the World

The light at the end of the tunnel is now visible.  Yes, yes… it is yet another cliché but honestly, those should be expected from me by now.  The project is about to start in earnest and the voice is primed and ready.  That was never the problem to be honest.  The moment I identified with the voice and chose to single it out, it came through strong and clear.  It is a bit scary, actually how clear the voice is to me.

So today I received yet another medium for that voice.  And I am getting giddy with excitement because it is almost time to stop reading about it and start doing it.  I cannot wait for the time to just let go and wrap myself in the voice.  I will try to contain it though.  Just a few days longer.  And the voice promised to go slow.  A chirp at a time to get things started.  It is best that way because getting overwhelmed seems to be easy….        



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