Day 72

The Dreams of Others

When people talk about dreams, they are either talking about literal dreams they had in their sleep or some future goals they have set for themselves.  But what if those dreams were nightmares?  And what if those nightmares were constant?  And what if that person was tormented by those nightmares?  What a terrible thing to happen, right?  Non-stop nightmares ruining any chance for sleep and rest.  What if that person is someone you care for?

That is my situation, and I reached.  I reached for a solution, albeit a temporary one.  It was a big reach, and in the end, I got shot down.  For now, anyway.  I do not know what the future will bring.  I do know that I will be there, willing, and able to help if I can.  There will be other nights, that is a certainty.  And the nightmares will be just as well.  But maybe that reach will be honored and the offer will be heard.  And so, the nightmares shall be mine for a time so they can finally have a restful night without them.  I can only hope.      



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