Day 71

Finally Some Rest

I slept for almost eight hours today and I am beat.  That sentence my come across as a strange one to you, but rest assured, it makes perfect sense to me.  I am sure to anyone else out there are rarely gets any sleep and those fluke nights come that you actually DO get sleep, it also makes perfect sense.  This was quite a stretch of days without proper sleep and it was starting to get to me.  This stint was 5 days and in that time, falling sleep was a battle I was losing.

When I finally did get some sleep, I woke up exhausted.  Nyx’s touch had finally done its job, but that is like feeding a morsel to a starving man.  Once the body knows what it has been missing, the thirst or hunger for it grows even more.  Like someone that does not know what they have been missing.  So I already know this day will be a long one.  I am bone-weary but very grateful that I finally got to sleep for a day.  Now to make it two…      



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