Day 69

I am Listening

Interesting end to the day today.  There was a slight change in the system tonight and things took an interesting turn.  Lecture turned into a Q&A with a guest speaker of sorts, and when I found out I got very excited.  Not knocking the class time and lectures because that is not the case.  But I always enjoyed having guest speakers in a learning environment, and it’s sad to say that it’s a rare occasion when that happens.

In a way it is funny because I half expected the ending, and when it happened, I chuckled inwardly.  There was a lot to be said, and when that was done, some more was said.  It was great!  I got some questions in and that worked out, but for the most part I listened.  And while listening, I learned and laughed and when the end finally arrived, I sighed, and I smiled, and I shook my head.  It was a long session and it kept me awake.  Wish I had a dog….       



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