Day 68

To be Heard

It is nice to be heard.  Not just on opinions and ideas, but in general.  I had a chance to be involved in something like that today unexpectedly, and it was fun.  One of my newest friends has been having problems with getting to my story that was posted, and I wanted to step in and help them out.  This has some amazing accolades in her life, and even though that would be more than enough to go on, there is so much more to her than that.  

I can easily sit and type up more than a few pages about this her, but that might come across as creepy so I will refrain.  Suffice it to say what I have already said and moving on.  I got in touch with them and offered to read my story in my voice.  Even though the words are mine, I was still a bit nervous because this moment was important to me in so many levels.  It all went great though, and I even added a few “special effects” besides the voice.  It all felt right, and I could tell the audience loved every bit of it.  I is happy!      



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