Day 66

An Unforeseen Break

Today I had a break in the flow of things and even though it was not expected, it was greatly appreciated.  I have been putting my gaming in the backburner with all these projects popping up, and because of that, I have neglected some friends.  When I say neglect, that is on time spent, and not being silent.  I did post a while back something about people that will not reach out to you and you will always have to make the first move, and this is not the case.

In any case, the break worked wonders.  It gave me time to use it exactly as I needed.  It gave me a bit of extra time to touch base and spend some time with my fellow gamers and that was a lot of fun.   It was one of those times when you play and laugh and tell yourself “We should do this more often”  Although the time spent was fun, I also did take some of that time to work on something related to my writing too.      



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