Day 65


Interesting day for me today.  It was a little bit like salad.  I had a little bit of everything happening to me, and even though I am used to the multitasking, it is taking a bit of a toll on me mentally.  I am not letting all that get me down though.  There is just so much I can do, and I understand that, so I will push forward as much as I can and hope for the best.  If the energy is used in the right venues, I should be golden.

All in all, progress was really good and in a very unexpected way.  There was a shift in how things evolved on the project, and I tried to take full advantage of the situation.  I probed about things that I knew I would need information on.  That worked out better than I expected.  I gathered the information I needed, and I will put it to use at the right time.  That way I will not have to stop and wait for the answer I already have.      



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