Day 64

A Different Another kind of Exploring

Today I had another first in this new path of writing that I have decided to take.  Editing.  It was a very interesting experience for me, and I will be honest in saying that I felt a bit leery going through it.  I had heard some horror stories from people in the past about editing.  I also had a really bad experience in college when a well-known professor wrote a book that I had to use in class.  Apparently, she decided not to use an editor, and even our own professor agreed that the book was unreadable.

For me, the experience was much better than expected.  It took a bit longer than I thought it would, but that was because the experience was new, and we took everything slow and easy.  There was no pressure and the communication was open and friendly.  There were a few things that took a little while to hash out, but that was expected since people need to learn from one another and get comfortable with the voice we want to portray.     



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