Day 63

Exploring the Past

After finally catching up with everything, I did exactly what I said I would not do and took a day off.  I know, I know…. Go ahead and laugh it off.  I will laugh right along with you, I promise.  Do not get me wrong, though.  I did what I said I would do, and I did catch up. I did not take the day off until after being caught up, and I am not saying this as an excuse, but as a reason. 

Hard work needs to be rewarded from time to time, or else it will become this resentful thing that you don’t want to do anymore.  Because of that, I decided to take a step back and I treated myself and went exploring in my gaming.  I went hunting for a family member, sailed around the ancient world, and even found clues that lead to one of the most fabled cities in the ancient world.  Not a bad mini staycation after all.      



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2 thoughts on “Day 63

  1. Holy crap, what level are you to unlock that? (Also I do have the expansion, just curious since I haven’t reached it yet)


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