Day 61

Now to Move Ahead

When I spend a long time finally catching up to where I want to be and I am drained, I want to take a break and rest.  The problem with that is that taking the break means falling behind again.  So, taking a break from catching up is counterproductive, and in the end, it turns into a circle that repeats itself.  That chain needs to be broken if there will be any true progress to be had, and even though logical, it is easier said than done to get there.

That is my battle today and I am going to put up as much effort as I can to get that done.  It is not a matter of when for me, but a matter of how at this point.  The work will be done because there will be no more excuses.  I have too many things at stake and I will take care of business.  Time management has not been easy to do during times like these, so it will take a bit more effort to get everything in shape, but I will get there.     



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