Day 9


How fitting that I should feel that way today.  That word means isolation, quarantine, seclusion, isolation…. reclusion.  Sounds very bad and feels even worse.  We’ve all been there lately.  The way the times have been, isolation, seclusion and quarantine are as common words as “Morning” and “Hello”.  It’s a terrible feeling because humans as a species are not meant to be alone.  They don’t survive long when alone.

I doubled up on that today.  Didn’t see it coming.  There was no precursor to it.  Just… emptiness wrapped inside more emptiness.   So yes…  today, for a few hours I felt something even worse than isolation.  Worse than the quarantine most of us are trying to deal with.  Seclusion within my quarantine.  Complete emptiness.  And had it not been for my newfound strength, it would have swallowed me whole.  But it didn’t.  And that in itself, is major progress for me.  I felt myself fall in and I willed myself out.       


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